A love letter for you and I

Poetry landscapre of sand and sandstones, layered with a background of mountains in blue mists, sky clouded and enormous planets taking up the sky. In the distant a flock of birds.

If I could whisper across the expanse
reach into the recess of your heart
to the visceral self
wherever you may be

In the sewer, the pleasure house,
behind bars
looking unto death,
in the corner of the street,
in the debris of broken homes,
in the ravages of war and hunger,
in loneliness or dejection,
in anguish or in fear.

In the throes of a body
waning away.
In the gaping wound of a self torn out.
In the lap of a parent
or an orphan
counting wishful stars.

Abandoned or violated.
Neglected and beaten,
or surrounded
yet keening over.
Poor to the bones
or drowning in riches.

Those bleeding fists against invisible walls
the ones seen yet unseen, heard yet unheard,
loved yet unloved..
Those who laboriously hold up a guise
in exchange for a little warmth
a little acceptance

..so ever tired..

I would whisper..
you matter…you matter..

I would howl across the ripples of time, again!
You matter! You matter..

Your very existence
is a coalescent
of all there is, was or will be.
You matter…
for just appearing here with us.

You matter
you are.


Published by Rafia Bilkis

Someone just like you— living the living. My heart a portal of Words.

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