Poetry A giant foot stepping on a misted forested land with the sun hanging a little above the mountains

See the innocence shining through their eyes,
their carefree laughter,
their bounding feet
leaping into freedom!
Time and endedness unknown
only now, now and now..

A sense of reality so fluid
Dreams being reality
Reality being dreams
Enchanted by every little thing they see
enthralled by the numinosity of words they hear
Stories of distant places in their mind’s eye
‘The stars hear my wishes’
‘Water fairies leave footprints on my pillow’
How they say them with confidence
A reality of their own making.

Oh, their questions of wonder
and their endless quest for love!

Now sweet soul,
Why do you miss what you see?
Don’t dim those eyes down just yet
The pen is still in your hand
ink splotched from disuse
still dripping with eagerness
Take it!
Take it and weave your essence
into your reality

After all, it is all real
as long as you experience it.
You are your own
sovereign authorship.
So write
and write again!
For we are those children
forever and always.

Children of Love,
Laughter and Joy!
of Mischief, Innocence and Wonder!

..dancing an Eternal dance.


Published by Rafia Bilkis

Someone just like you— living the living. My heart a portal of Words.

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