Flow of Things

Poetry Dandelion against a sunset sky with seeds floating away with the wind

 lying on the lap of the Wind
swirling with a rustle of paper leaves
rising and dipping like a kite unstrung
drifting whimsically like seeds of a dandelion,
a wish upon the heart

Spin a dance!
 within the current of the Wind.
Step blithely!
 into the flow of Things.

Oh, what a beautiful surrender!
What a beautiful surrender it is.


Published by Rafia Bilkis

Someone just like you— living the living. My heart a portal of Words.

9 thoughts on “Flow of Things

  1. Spellbinding! This is magical, Rafia! I love the way you express yourself so swiftly, in such an artistic manner that makes everything seem so beautiful. Loved this ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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