Doors of Compassion

Poetry thick fog coming through the night, through bed of rocks with a spindly dead tree on an outcropping rock on the right

Bring out your depths
spill out your guts
there is nothing to hide,
nothing to be ashamed of.

The same dark carnal desires fester in me,
congealed hate clot my blood
a tower of prejudice straighten my spine
relishing cruelty curl my lips
cold detachment encase my skin
 venomous envy pour through my eyes
hissing streaks down my cheeks.
Pained rage sear cinders in my wake
and greed that feasts into my marrow.

Death, grime, blood and tears
are caked under my nails..

Tell me now..
how do I condemn you
for the very same I see in me?
How do I brand you judged
for the same in me?

Darkness is where
the doors of compassion open.
To recognize the feeding of the void
and minister it

And so
your demons make me more you
and you more me..


Published by Rafia Bilkis

Someone just like you— living the living. My heart a portal of Words.

15 thoughts on “Doors of Compassion

  1. Really powerful and haunting! I love the writing, Rafia! There were so many good lines in there and I really liked the intensity of this one. Very well written!

    Liked by 1 person

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