Thrum with yourself
break apart in a thousand hues
a thousand subtle hues more
and even more thousand sheer glimmers,
then barely perceptible
and then something
unknown and magical
terrible and beautiful

Few words.

How do I show you, you?
There is nothing greater
than holding a mirror
to give you

A few words now
cobbled together
buffed and shined
over and over
a shard of a mirror
in the form of poetry

To show you

The Baton.

Someone else will pick up
the Music that never ends
The baton
passed on hand to hand
from the relics of the past
to now
to the whispers of the future
A building, a deepening
of all that is
None know the beginnings
nor know the sound of the final note
It goes on
A continuum
we shall ever ponder


Part your lips.

The floodgates are open
run your cords raw
shatter the decaying constructs
of rotting scaffoldings
preserved barely on pickled tongues.

Part your lips
let Spring come through
speak your truth
live your truth
let the warm blood
coursing through you
resonate with your
wildest ridiculous dream
love impossibly
laugh infectiously
It is truly a privilege
to be throbbing with life!



Heat waves rising from her skin
her body uncoiling like a snake
lengthening felinely through the spine
shoulder wings spread wide as an eagle
chest bare with udders full.
The womb of herself embraced
reclaiming all that was taken
given away unawares in her sleep
enticed by promises whispered.

The body that is shunned, shamed into wrappings
The voice that is silenced into a croak,
diminished to a presence no further than a silhouette.

her contours deemed sinful
her moon blood an unspeakable filth
her sexuality denied frozen
her sensitivities demented
her stories rewritten

her brazenness domesticated
her sisterhood broken
her vulnerability exploited
her beauty sold
her love trinkets
her dreams tossed
her candle of hope pinched to wisps
and her Divinity erased

Body, mind and soul
owned by all but herself,
her conformity regaled
at the price of herself
buried so deep
in a well of Darkness

Now watch her,
watch her in terror and awe.
Darkness is now her domain
bury her alive in her home
whence she dwelled millennials
Queen of the Underworld
and she shall flood the world
of her


All I need.

A million stars
but I will have only a wick of fire

Oceans wide and deep
but I will have only a drop

Sand dunes as far as the horizon
but I will have only a handful

Wind blowing through every crevice
but I will have only a Breath..

That is all I need
to be enfolded
with You You



We nosedived into it,
the land of all possibilities.
We fell in love
to plunge in
over and over and over
into the flow of all fantasies,
dreams and realities~

To lick the swirly clouds from the blue sky
Swim amongst the ocean of exploding stars
Swing with the silken rope of the night
Tiptoe on the boughs of swaying treetops.

Tipsy on water springs sprinkled with honeyed sunlight
hair streaked in lit fireflies and galaxies for whirling skirts.
We are the spark!
magicking away in our essence
finger wands twirling in the wind
sipping on a little taste of Creation.

It’s impossible
not to fall
head over heels
right here

So eat the Apple
and Fall.


Free fall

Since you have introduced yourself
Spring never kissed so sweet
Winter’s cold embrace so welcoming
Summer intoxicating and Autumn a Dream

Since you have introduced yourself
I have been free falling into myself
 in bright streams of colors,
somersaulting in shimmering hues,
lifting off the ground
to destiny of freedom.

An escape from gravity
a little stumble away.

So love, free fall into exhilaration, free fall
 even if you are afraid
there is no stopping it,
 It’s an inescapable cry
a drum call
rupturing from your core.


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