Reflection of the Universe

A broken piece of mirror
looked at another broken piece of mirror.
It traced the jagged edges of the other,
so uniquely shattered.

Some all sharp teeth, some cutting edges,
some peaked mountains and deep grooved valleys,
some lightning struck,
some blade like and some needle thin.

The list goes on,
for no two pieces were broken exactly alike
yet they are all reflective the same.
Reflective of each other, of all that it hears,
sees, dreams and everything in between.

If ever, all these fractured pieces, pieced together,
I wonder,
what would it Reflect?



Smattered birthmarks
mapping constellations across your skin
climaxes as you
press against mine

Bodies interlocked across the black night
quivering in waves of starlight
coalescing and exploding star dusts

Sinuous delicious euphoria,
Devouring ravishing hunger
screams our inevitable union
across eons
depicted in the ancient myths.
Destined to war.
Destined to love.


Another’s Eye

To be seen differently,
To be spoken to differently than you were taught to.
To see yourself beheld through Another’s eye
..and see someone alien
Someone who can dare to call themself beautiful
even love
a little more preciously..


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See the innocence shining through their eyes,
their carefree laughter,
their bounding feet
leaping into freedom!
Time and endedness unknown
only now, now and now..

A sense of reality so fluid
Dreams being reality
Reality being dreams
Enchanted by every little thing they see
enthralled by the numinosity of words they hear
Stories of distant places in their mind’s eye
‘The stars hear my wishes’
‘Water fairies leave footprints on my pillow’
How they say them with confidence
A reality of their own making.

Oh, their questions of wonder
and their endless quest for love!

Now sweet soul,
Why do you miss what you see?
Don’t dim those eyes down just yet
The pen is still in your hand
ink splotched from disuse
still dripping with eagerness
Take it!
Take it and weave your essence
into your reality

After all, it is all real
as long as you experience it.
You are your own
sovereign authorship.
So write
and write again!
For we are those children
forever and always.

Children of Love,
Laughter and Joy!
of Mischief, Innocence and Wonder!

..dancing an Eternal dance.


Nature of nature

There is always someone applauding
for every little thing you do.

 Do not worry about the frowns,
the judgements,
 the whip-like words, or the open disgust..
Take no heed

There is always someone applauding
for every blink of your eyes,
every breath and tilt of your head.

So flow into yourself as naturally as a river,
relentlessly paving its path through the ground,
soft yet true to itself..

And look where it’s gone!

It’s become the ocean that it always was
but forgotten on its journey.
Even Nature will be cheering you for that!


A love letter for you and I

If I could whisper across the expanse
reach into the recess of your heart
to the visceral self
wherever you may be

In the sewer, the pleasure house,
behind bars
looking unto death,
in the corner of the street,
in the debris of broken homes,
in the ravages of war and hunger,
in loneliness or dejection,
in anguish or in fear.

In the throes of a body
waning away.
In the gaping wound of a self torn out.
In the lap of a parent
or an orphan
counting wishful stars.

Abandoned or violated.
Neglected and beaten,
or surrounded
yet keening over.
Poor to the bones
or drowning in riches.

Those bleeding fists against invisible walls
the ones seen yet unseen, heard yet unheard,
loved yet unloved..
Those who laboriously hold up a guise
in exchange for a little warmth
a little acceptance ever tired..

I would whisper..
you matter…you matter..

I would howl across the ripples of time, again!
You matter! You matter..

Your very existence
is a coalescent
of all there is, was or will be.
You matter…
for just appearing here with us.

You matter
you are.



Eyes unseeing,
ears unhearing,
looping through the same sceneries, the same horrors,
the same miseries.

Broken hearts
to hardened stones.
Heavy shields, dented
drawn up on weary arms.
Spines bent on burdens
collected unawares.
Gnashing teeth
against gilded cages.

Oh, the Rage that never splutter out
Thirst that never quenches
Pain that never staunches
Hunger that never satiates
Famine that never green.

Can we hear each other?
The screams of the haunted,
shackled in chains
of our own making..

Clinking away on barren lands
unheedingly, relentlessly
beating away new links
welding them into place.
A suffocation that every soul shares
no matter who clinches a link where
or even when..
It lacerates through all.

For if you looked,
looked through the space between our souls
you would find
a single scroll
unrolling endlessly.
A continuous flow of gold-lacquered inscriptions
stringing us
and all that is
like a claspless beaded necklace.
And if you dare read,
you will find us


A Recognition so ancient
will make wisps of the chains
coiled around us..



The murmurs slithering into your thoughts
Black ink bleeding into your mind.
Lurking horrors and traps
of the unknown, unknowable and uncertainty.

Crippling under this colossal darkness
fed on to your terror stricken soul in endless loops.
Nights of paralysis and goose flesh
a scream bubbling in your chest.
It’s a friend and a foe.

For Fear shows your borders stark clear.
A border of annihilation
if that’s how you see it.
But if you can take him by the hand
kiss his inky curls across your body,
listen to his hair-raising teachings
of your hidden self
and take the step across
hand in hand
fingers entwined.

You would watch your horizons recede
far beyond..
your wildest imagination.
The Dawn of your Becoming.

For any form of Death
will only
take you Higher


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