Hallowed Castle

I will tell you of a story one with a beautiful castle thick curtains, velvety cushions gilded buttress along its fissured walls gardens riot with flowers, mango and pear trees sickly sweet The hallways silent, footsteps muffled, occasional shrieks Women white as chalk faded like ancient oil paintings ghost figures frozen in silent scream thatContinue reading “Hallowed Castle”

Sipped Silence

Beyond land and time I heard you whisper, “Come share a drink with me” tentative, I follow stepped into a pocket suspended in limbo watched your surprised smile at the answering call as you brew tea rummaging and spilling sugar and spices about you the smells of your essence wafted around us unaware of theContinue reading “Sipped Silence”

The maiden weeps.

There’s a maiden weeping tonight alone in the dark none see the tears rolling down her cold cheeks but the Moon, pretending to hide behind the clouds shining upon her tears whispering, ‘My child dear, Why do you cry?’ She shakes a sob of fear of hurt and hate of loneliness, worthlessness of sorrow inContinue reading “The maiden weeps.”

Wrathful love

Bare hands, she tore through her flesh. Head hurled back a blood curdling cry. She wrenched open her ribs snapping and separating from sinew, a gaping black hole, and the bird whipped out. She couldn’t fathom the beauty in the gore. The little blue bird speckled in blood rubies, iridescent light caught on its featherContinue reading “Wrathful love”

Tattered Corners

The tattered corners of herself blown away to faraway places, places only heard in desolate echoes. She sings a dirge as she trudges along the jagged edges of the world, into the yawning chasms, collecting the bloodied and shredded scraps of herself. With tears washing the blood clear, She sews herself piece by piece, skinContinue reading “Tattered Corners”