When the mist thickens.

When the mist thickens, gestures shiver in the encroaching chill disjointed voices hiss behind closed shutters promises scratched on yellowed pages drip in fresh ink chest drawers slide hollow and empty, there it gathers unformed, unseen the haunting, of the unspoken. . . .

Steps on the pathless

These feet move of their own accord tracing out its path Where do you go? “I know not” I say, confused “There is nothing before me” Why do you go? seeing no further than the tips of my toes, I whisper “I do not, I’ve simply been carried” Carried where? “Ever into the unknown.” soContinue reading “Steps on the pathless”


She twirls on the palm of my hand skin puckered to the swish of her clear skirts tap-tap bare footfalls up my arm blowing through the tangles of my weeping weaves whistling by the drums of these winding caverns Thumb~ a beat ‘Listen’ Thumb—Thumb! ‘Listen!’ she howls ‘The river of blood that runs through All.’Continue reading “Bloodline”

In the dying light.

Glass drops caught on bare fingers rolling down arms lifted in a poise stilled to the dying sun wrapping sheaths of light on her skin, splaying by her sides a dancer frozen mid-spin — A flurry of feathers, jolts her arms flailing sparkling beads spill shatter into the ground. ***

Let it howl

Purple black bruised skies I see you throbbing ‘For who?‘ ‘From what?‘ Bring up the storm Whip up the wind Let it howl Let it rain Let me catch the broken pieces I hold no shade no umbrella over me come pour I will catch the littlest drops of you with the whole of meContinue reading “Let it howl”


Carry these tunes from my lips Lead the way Oh winds of the wings along my heart carry this melody echoing across lands Lead the way I have let reason take flight My head disintegrated my body now roams headless don’t look disgusted at the open nakedness don’t look to possess The beating melody reigns

Prayer Jar

A piece of pulped wood smudged charcoal fervent fingers a primal prayer imprinted burnt in a flash of flames ashes ashes they float like dust moats momentarily suspended till a gust of wind send them scattering far and wide far and wide the air swirls with prayers an open jar never full  Does anybody hearContinue reading “Prayer Jar”