A longing in the waters

All the colors lights and sounds. The abundance in the world. The exuberance of nature in the endless galaxies Stars People in all shades of mud. Trees heavy,  laden with fruits drooping for a kiss. More than we could ever need. Wild animals! Flowers scenting the air in plethora of aromas And don’t forget, underContinue reading “A longing in the waters”

Abyss of Beauty

So in love with yourself, you wonder how can you ever get things done. Forever gazing into each other’s endless abyss of beauty. Entranced in deep rapture, each ensnaring the other. In their separation they are truly one and the same, singing melodies heart achingly beautiful, to the brim with soft, thick, sweet syrupy nectarContinue reading “Abyss of Beauty”

Paper thin skin.

We want steel cut skin The kind that don’t feel Efficiency above all else Ignore our essence Oh, if we did embrace.. our soft paper thin skin. Our sensitivities.. like puffs of cotton seeds floating with only the softest sigh of warm Spring.. How much more in tune we would be to each other NatureContinue reading “Paper thin skin.”

Flowing Cups

I drink deep from your endless flowing cups, blood rivers from your hearts deep with no end, from your milking breasts streaming freely,  and still I drink deeply and will forevermore  till I spill over Streaming from my breasts between my legs my veins, my cup flowing through the cracks and ravines ceaselessly.. Still IContinue reading “Flowing Cups”

To sing my Song

I left my strings unplucked, deadened and silenced grown stiff with disuse. They grated and screeched if forced or squeaked a little pitch. Sometimes, in moments when I forget myself, a forgotten tune, I hear. Beautiful yet plaintive I wished to claim it for myself But, it is beyond my little self. Oh, how desperatelyContinue reading “To sing my Song”


Headstones covered in mists, smell of wet Earth blanketing the dead. Do I hear their whispers left behind? Rustle of leaves Sighs of the wind Oh, you who have gone before me, What mysteries do you see? Across the edge of the known world I yearn to follow a gnawing hunger for the unknowable, for eternity,Continue reading “Graveyard”


Sunlit smile beaming through the open Window cool Breeze  fluttering through the curtains,  bashful like a veiled bride. Sensual perfume filled the air. I feel her threading between these fingers, whispering by these ears. Don’t be shy, I say Slip between this breast Speak through these eyes, these lips.. with every twist of this body,Continue reading “Window”

The Moon and the stars

Night crisp air Wispy hair tickling the wind.. The Moon reflected his face so close, I could pull silvers around my fingertips and touch them to my lips. One lick and I am drunk on him. Defenselessly open to his caresses, his sweet scent, his smile His breath in me.. Nakedly drinking deep draughts ofContinue reading “The Moon and the stars”