See the innocence shining through their eyes, their carefree laughter, their bounding feet leaping into freedom! Time and endedness unknown only now, now and now.. A sense of reality so fluid— Dreams being reality Reality being dreams Enchanted by every little thing they see enthralled by the numinosity of words they hear Stories of distantContinue reading “Children”

Nature of nature

There is always someone applauding for every little thing you do.  Do not worry about the frowns, the judgements,  the whip-like words, or the open disgust.. Take no heed There is always someone applauding for every blink of your eyes, every breath and tilt of your head. So flow into yourself as naturally as aContinue reading “Nature of nature”

A love letter for you and I

If I could whisper across the expanse reach into the recess of your heart to the visceral self wherever you may be— In the sewer, the pleasure house, behind bars looking unto death, in the corner of the street, in the debris of broken homes, in the ravages of war and hunger, in loneliness orContinue reading “A love letter for you and I”


Eyes unseeing, ears unhearing, looping through the same sceneries, the same horrors, the same miseries. Broken hearts to hardened stones. Heavy shields, dented drawn up on weary arms. Spines bent on burdens collected unawares. Gnashing teeth against gilded cages. Oh, the Rage that never splutter out Thirst that never quenches Pain that never staunches HungerContinue reading “Shackled”


The murmurs slithering into your thoughts Black ink bleeding into your mind. Lurking horrors and traps of the unknown, unknowable and uncertainty. Crippling under this colossal darkness fed on to your terror stricken soul in endless loops. Nights of paralysis and goose flesh a scream bubbling in your chest. It’s a friend and a foe.Continue reading “Fear”