Uncorked Ears

how is it one word from you can send me spinning into an abyss one word and it has me bracing for impact the sound of your footsteps approaching has my shoulders raised to my ears a barricade my body self creates my insides roiling into a cool puddled mess as I float away toContinue reading “Uncorked Ears”

Terrifyingly Alive.

heart strings taut vocal cords strummed fingers plucking the very air of silence pulling in souls consumed by grey days like the pied piper an artist in their element beautifying the world in colors and impressions, little divine creations words of enchantments music, dance and drunkenness drawing those clouded eyes to bloom in beauty andContinue reading “Terrifyingly Alive.”

Flow of Things

Restive  lying on the lap of the Wind swirling with a rustle of paper leaves rising and dipping like a kite unstrung drifting whimsically like seeds of a dandelion, a wish upon the heart Boundless. Spin a dance!  within the current of the Wind. Step blithely!  into the flow of Things. Oh, what a beautifulContinue reading “Flow of Things”

Dance a ring!

These fields were meant to be walked the tall stalks to be brushed against the sighs of unfurling flowers caressed the roaring winds deafening, the peals of the stars tinkling into twilight gazed upon, the drumbeats of rolling clouds to beat with, the dance of the deep trees in creaky waves erupting from the HeartContinue reading “Dance a ring!”

Bed of thorns.

There is a bed of thorns I leave around me. With every misstep, misdeed or misword, every missed gesture or missed word, the bed of thorns like sharp talons grow ever sharper Thicker gnarled brambles knotted, twisted around me staked into my skin crucified in perpetual guilt wishing to disappear.. How the knots would fallContinue reading “Bed of thorns.”

Abyss of Beauty

So in love with yourself, you wonder how can you ever get things done. Forever gazing into each other’s endless abyss of beauty. Entranced in deep rapture, each ensnaring the other. In their separation they are truly one and the same, singing melodies heart achingly beautiful, to the brim with soft, thick, sweet syrupy nectarContinue reading “Abyss of Beauty”