When the mist thickens.

When the mist thickens, gestures shiver in the encroaching chill disjointed voices hiss behind closed shutters promises scratched on yellowed pages drip in fresh ink chest drawers slide hollow and empty, there it gathers unformed, unseen the haunting, of the unspoken. . . .

In the dying light.

Glass drops caught on bare fingers rolling down arms lifted in a poise stilled to the dying sun wrapping sheaths of light on her skin, splaying by her sides a dancer frozen mid-spin — A flurry of feathers, jolts her arms flailing sparkling beads spill shatter into the ground. ***

Hallowed Castle

I will tell you of a story one with a beautiful castle thick curtains, velvety cushions gilded buttress along its fissured walls gardens riot with flowers, mango and pear trees sickly sweet The hallways silent, footsteps muffled, occasional shrieks Women white as chalk faded like ancient oil paintings ghost figures frozen in silent scream thatContinue reading “Hallowed Castle”

Prayer Jar

A piece of pulped wood smudged charcoal fervent fingers a primal prayer imprinted burnt in a flash of flames ashes ashes they float like dust moats momentarily suspended till a gust of wind send them scattering far and wide far and wide the air swirls with prayers an open jar never full  Does anybody hearContinue reading “Prayer Jar”


Let it tune you Let it come through tweak your rhythm a little wire it always a little higher with a little stumble a challenge heartbreak loss a catastrophe that shatters your spirit Let it through Let it through Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid There is a promise of soaring beyond these tumbling wallsContinue reading “Tweaked”

Uncorked Ears

how is it one word from you sends me spinning into an abyss one word and it has me bracing for impact the sound of your footsteps approaching has my shoulders raised to my ears a barricade my body self creates my insides roiling into a cool puddled mess as I float away to neverlandContinue reading “Uncorked Ears”