Headstones covered in mists, smell of wet Earth blanketing the dead. Do I hear their whispers left behind? Rustle of leaves Sighs of the wind Oh, you who have gone before me, What mysteries do you see? Across the edge of the known world I yearn to follow a gnawing hunger for the unknowable, for eternity,Continue reading “Graveyard”


Sunlit smile beaming through the open Window cool Breeze  fluttering through the curtains,  bashful like a veiled bride. Sensual perfume filled the air. I feel her threading between these fingers, whispering by these ears. Don’t be shy, I say Slip between this breast Speak through these eyes, these lips.. with every twist of this body,Continue reading “Window”

A love letter for you and I

If I could whisper across the expanse reach into the recess of your heart to the visceral self wherever you may be— In the sewer, the pleasure house, behind bars looking unto death, in the corner of the street, in the debris of broken homes, in the ravages of war and hunger, in loneliness orContinue reading “A love letter for you and I”