Doors of Compassion

Bring out your depths spill out your guts there is nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of. The same dark carnal desires fester in me, congealed hate clot my blood a tower of prejudice straighten my spine relishing cruelty curl my lips cold detachment encase my skin  venomous envy pour through my eyes hissingContinue reading “Doors of Compassion”

Flesh of Nature.

How long must we stay meek under our withering gaze? How long must we grind under our iron fist? How long must we burn at the stake for the cries of our soul? How long must we bleed till we are satiated in the blood of those unborn? Why have we come to the pointContinue reading “Flesh of Nature.”

Bed of thorns.

There is a bed of thorns I leave around me. With every misstep, misdeed or misword, every missed gesture or missed word, the bed of thorns like sharp talons grow ever sharper Thicker gnarled brambles knotted, twisted around me staked into my skin crucified in perpetual guilt wishing to disappear.. How the knots would fallContinue reading “Bed of thorns.”