Let it howl

Purple black bruised skies I see you throbbing ‘For who?‘ ‘From what?‘ Bring up the storm Whip up the wind Let it howl Let it rain Let me catch the broken pieces I hold no shade no umbrella over me come pour I will catch the littlest drops of you with the whole of meContinue reading “Let it howl”

Uncorked Ears

how is it one word from you can send me spinning into an abyss one word and it has me bracing for impact the sound of your footsteps approaching has my shoulders raised to my ears a barricade my body self creates my insides roiling into a cool puddled mess as I float away toContinue reading “Uncorked Ears”

Doors of Compassion

Bring out your depths spill out your guts there is nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of. The same dark carnal desires fester in me, congealed hate clot my blood a tower of prejudice straighten my spine relishing cruelty curl my lips cold detachment encase my skin  venomous envy pour through my eyes hissingContinue reading “Doors of Compassion”

Free fall

Since you have introduced yourself Spring never kissed so sweet Winter’s cold embrace so welcoming Summer intoxicating and Autumn a Dream Since you have introduced yourself I have been free falling into myself  in bright streams of colors, somersaulting in shimmering hues, lifting off the ground to destiny of freedom. An escape from gravity aContinue reading “Free fall”

the Great Wall

We say fear is pervasive like cancer slow and insidious but love says give me only an instant to burn through just the same like wildfire scorching through the shadow of Separation casted by fear lighting up brazier after brazier along the Great Wall ablaze in sun rising glory not for a warning but aContinue reading “the Great Wall”

A quiver of a cell.

If my eyes no longer see ears go silent tongue roll away numb, scents frozen in its’ tracks fingers and toes lay limp caged within a body like a tomb of flesh. Only breathing Breathing My body fed on by each breath will quiver Quiver with everything I write. With every pulse and surge ofContinue reading “A quiver of a cell.”

Bed of thorns.

There is a bed of thorns I leave around me. With every misstep, misdeed or misword, every missed gesture or missed word, the bed of thorns like sharp talons grow ever sharper Thicker gnarled brambles knotted, twisted around me staked into my skin crucified in perpetual guilt wishing to disappear.. How the knots would fallContinue reading “Bed of thorns.”