Terrifyingly Alive.

heart strings taut vocal cords strummed fingers plucking the very air of silence pulling in souls consumed by grey days like the pied piper an artist in their element beautifying the world in colors and impressions, little divine creations words of enchantments music, dance and drunkenness drawing those clouded eyes to bloom in beauty andContinue reading “Terrifyingly Alive.”

The Baton.

Someone else will pick up the Music that never ends The baton passed on hand to hand from the relics of the past to now to the whispers of the future A building, a deepening of all that is None know the beginnings nor know the sound of the final note It goes on AContinue reading “The Baton.”

Part your lips.

The floodgates are open run your cords raw shatter the decaying constructs of rotting scaffoldings preserved barely on pickled tongues. Part your lips let Spring come through speak your truth live your truth let the warm blood coursing through you resonate with your wildest ridiculous dream love impossibly laugh infectiously It is truly a privilegeContinue reading “Part your lips.”

All I need.

A million stars but I will have only a wick of fire Oceans wide and deep but I will have only a drop Sand dunes as far as the horizon but I will have only a handful Wind blowing through every crevice but I will have only a Breath.. That is all I need toContinue reading “All I need.”

Free fall

Since you have introduced yourself Spring never kissed so sweet Winter’s cold embrace so welcoming Summer intoxicating and Autumn a Dream Since you have introduced yourself I have been free falling into myself  in bright streams of colors, somersaulting in shimmering hues, lifting off the ground to destiny of freedom. An escape from gravity aContinue reading “Free fall”

Flow of Things

Restive  lying on the lap of the Wind swirling with a rustle of paper leaves rising and dipping like a kite unstrung drifting whimsically like seeds of a dandelion, a wish upon the heart Boundless. Spin a dance!  within the current of the Wind. Step blithely!  into the flow of Things. Oh, what a beautifulContinue reading “Flow of Things”

Lets you dream.

There is something about a blank canvas, a blank paper, a lump of clay far horizons that draws you lets you dream. To focus and pour your entire being— onto a dot, a letter, a dimple on a clod of clay, a swirl of a color, a music note across the waters, or a risingContinue reading “Lets you dream.”