Sunlit smile beaming through the open Window cool Breeze  fluttering through the curtains,  bashful like a veiled bride. Sensual perfume filled the air. I feel her threading between these fingers, whispering by these ears. Don’t be shy, I say Slip between this breast Speak through these eyes, these lips.. with every twist of this body,Continue reading “Window”

Tattered Corners

The tattered corners of herself blown away to faraway places, places only heard in desolate echoes. She sings a dirge as she trudges along the jagged edges of the world, into the yawning chasms, collecting the bloodied and shredded scraps of herself. With tears washing the blood clear, She sews herself piece by piece, skinContinue reading “Tattered Corners”

The Moon and the stars

Night crisp air Wispy hair tickling the wind.. The Moon reflected his face so close, I could pull silvers around my fingertips and touch them to my lips. One lick and I am drunk on him. Defenselessly open to his caresses, his sweet scent, his smile His breath in me.. Nakedly drinking deep draughts ofContinue reading “The Moon and the stars”

The Axis of the Earth

Take the light of the sun in the dark, and the one that’s hidden shines back. Without the moonshine, the sun would not know the darkness that shines for him. Without his light her moonlit beauty would remain ever lost.. That eternal dance across the sky of one shining for the other since time beginning..Continue reading “The Axis of the Earth”

Reflection of the Universe

A broken piece of mirror looked at another broken piece of mirror. It traced the jagged edges of the other, so uniquely shattered. Some all sharp teeth, some cutting edges, some peaked mountains and deep grooved valleys, some lightning struck, some blade like and some needle thin. The list goes on, for no two piecesContinue reading “Reflection of the Universe”


The smattering of birthmarks, mapping constellations across your skin, climaxes as you press against mine. Bodies interlocked across the black night, quivering in waves of starlight coalescing and exploding in star dusts. Sinuous delicious euphoria, Devouring ravishing hunger screams our inevitable union across eons depicted in the ancient myths. Destined to war. Destined to love.Continue reading “Birthmarks”


See the innocence shining through their eyes, their carefree laughter, their bounding feet leaping into freedom! Time and endedness unknown only now, now and now.. A sense of reality so fluid— Dreams being reality Reality being dreams Enchanted by every little thing they see enthralled by the numinosity of words they hear Stories of distantContinue reading “Children”

Nature of nature

There is always someone applauding for every little thing you do.  Do not worry about the frowns, the judgements,  the whip-like words, or the open disgust.. Take no heed There is always someone applauding for every blink of your eyes, every breath and tilt of your head. So flow into yourself as naturally as aContinue reading “Nature of nature”