Part your lips.

The floodgates are open run your cords raw shatter the decaying constructs of rotting scaffoldings preserved barely on pickled tongues. Part your lips let Spring come through speak your truth live your truth let the warm blood coursing through you resonate with your wildest ridiculous dream love impossibly laugh infectiously It is truly a privilegeContinue reading “Part your lips.”


Heat waves rising from her skin her body uncoiling like a snake lengthening felinely through the spine shoulder wings spread wide as an eagle chest bare with udders full. The womb of herself embraced reclaiming all that was taken given away unawares in her sleep enticed by promises whispered. The body that is shunned, shamedContinue reading “Wo(mb)Man.”


We nosedived into it, the land of all possibilities. We fell in love to plunge in over and over and over into the flow of all fantasies, dreams and realities~ To lick the swirly clouds from the blue sky Swim amongst the ocean of exploding stars Swing with the silken rope of the night TiptoeContinue reading “Nosedive”

Free fall

Since you have introduced yourself Spring never kissed so sweet Winter’s cold embrace so welcoming Summer intoxicating and Autumn a Dream Since you have introduced yourself I have been free falling into myself  in bright streams of colors, somersaulting in shimmering hues, lifting off the ground to destiny of freedom. An escape from gravity aContinue reading “Free fall”

A quiver of a cell.

If my eyes no longer see ears go silent tongue roll away numb, scents frozen in its’ tracks fingers and toes lay limp caged within a body like a tomb of flesh. Only breathing Breathing My body fed on by each breath will quiver Quiver with everything I write. With every pulse and surge ofContinue reading “A quiver of a cell.”

The maiden weeps.

There’s a maiden weeping tonight alone in the dark none see the tears rolling down her cold cheeks but the Moon, pretending to hide behind the clouds shining upon her tears whispering, ‘My child dear, Why do you cry?’ She shakes a sob of fear of hurt and hate of loneliness, worthlessness of sorrow inContinue reading “The maiden weeps.”

A never-ending read.

To read everything there is to read— The swell of your cheeks in a hidden smile. Your words tumbling over my tongue tasting more than you reveal. The subtle movement of your brows. What the hem of your dress whispers in your wake. What a falling leaf spinning dizzy unto the Earth says. What theContinue reading “A never-ending read.”

Till it’s breathing your breath.

Sing! Sing away like a bird that cares not who hears her tunes, or if it is the deep Silence she is surrounded by. Unheeding to a passerby’s curses she sings just as the trees keep swaying the waves keep whooshing the stars keep chiming. The incessant chorusof cicadas in the night as the worldContinue reading “Till it’s breathing your breath.”

A longing in the waters

All the colors lights and sounds. The abundance in the world. The exuberance of nature in the endless galaxies Stars People in all shades of mud. Trees heavy,  laden with fruits drooping for a kiss. More than we could ever need. Wild animals! Flowers scenting the air in plethora of aromas And don’t forget, underContinue reading “A longing in the waters”


See the innocence shining through their eyes, their carefree laughter, their bounding feet leaping into freedom! Time and endedness unknown only now, now and now.. A sense of reality so fluid— Dreams being reality Reality being dreams Enchanted by every little thing they see enthralled by the numinosity of words they hear Stories of distantContinue reading “Children”