Lets you dream.

There is something about a blank canvas, a blank paper, a lump of clay far horizons that draws you lets you dream. To focus and pour your entire being— onto a dot, a letter, a dimple on a clod of clay, a swirl of a color, a music note across the waters, or a risingContinue reading “Lets you dream.”

A never-ending read.

To read everything there is to read— The swell of your cheeks in a hidden smile. Your words tumbling over my tongue tasting more than you reveal. The subtle movement of your brows. What the hem of your dress whispers in your wake. What a falling leaf spinning dizzy unto the Earth says. What theContinue reading “A never-ending read.”

Paper thin skin.

We want steel cut skin The kind that don’t feel Efficiency above all else Ignore our essence Oh, if we did embrace.. our soft paper thin skin. Our sensitivities.. like puffs of cotton seeds floating with only the softest sigh of warm Spring.. How much more in tune we would be to each other NatureContinue reading “Paper thin skin.”