Heat waves rising from her skin her body uncoiling like a snake lengthening felinely through the spine shoulder wings spread wide as an eagle chest bare with udders full. The womb of herself embraced reclaiming all that was taken given away unawares in her sleep enticed by promises whispered. The body that is shunned, shamedContinue reading “Wo(mb)Man.”

To sing my Song

I left my strings unplucked, deadened and silenced grown stiff with disuse. They grated and screeched if forced or squeaked a little pitch. Sometimes, in moments when I forget myself, a forgotten tune, I hear. Beautiful yet plaintive I wished to claim it for myself But, it is beyond my little self. Oh, how desperatelyContinue reading “To sing my Song”

Tattered Corners

The tattered corners of herself blown away to faraway places, places only heard in desolate echoes. She sings a dirge as she trudges along the jagged edges of the world, into the yawning chasms, collecting the bloodied and shredded scraps of herself. With tears washing the blood clear, She sews herself piece by piece, skinContinue reading “Tattered Corners”