Hallowed Castle

I will tell you of a story one with a beautiful castle thick curtains, velvety cushions gilded buttress along its fissured walls gardens riot with flowers, mango and pear trees sickly sweet The hallways silent, footsteps muffled, occasional shrieks Women white as chalk faded like ancient oil paintings ghost figures frozen in silent scream thatContinue reading “Hallowed Castle”


Eyes unseeing, ears unhearing, looping through the same sceneries, the same horrors, the same miseries. Broken hearts to hardened stones. Heavy shields, dented drawn up on weary arms. Spines bent on burdens collected unawares. Gnashing teeth against gilded cages. Oh, the Rage that never splutter out Thirst that never quenches Pain that never staunches HungerContinue reading “Shackled”