..in and away..

Every moment, every breath
is a different time
a different you…

Words, poems and stories to meld together
in a moment of shared space, across a page.

Where we meet
existence stands still.


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Poetry Waterfall flowing through a a forested land shaped like giant stairs

Flowing Cups

I drink deep from your endless flowing cups, blood rivers from your hearts deep with no end, from your milking breasts streaming freely,  and still I drink deeply and will forevermore  till I spill over Streaming from my breasts between…

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Poetry a hand holding up a violin and playing it in a blurred backdrop

To sing my Song

I left my strings unplucked, deadened and silenced grown stiff with disuse. They grated and screeched if forced or squeaked a little pitch. Sometimes, in moments when I forget myself, a forgotten tune, I hear. Beautiful yet plaintive I wished…

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Poetry Red blood body of water the tips of the waves highlighted by the reflection of a blood red moon in a black sky with clouds tinged in red

Wrathful love

Bare hands, she tore through her flesh. Head hurled back a blood curdling cry. She wrenched open her ribs snapping and separating from sinew, a gaping black hole, and the bird whipped out. She couldn’t fathom the beauty in the…

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Poetry The back of a woman dressed in medieval midnight frock walking in a graveyard with a headstone jutting out from the ground in backdrop of a dark forest


Headstones covered in mists, smell of wet Earth blanketing the dead. Do I hear their whispers left behind? Rustle of leaves Sighs of the wind Oh, you who have gone before me, What mysteries do you see? Across the edge of…

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Poem A porcelain doll dressed in a white frock wearing a lacy bonnet sitting on a pile of dried leaves against a green bush


A marionette daughter, perfectly coiffed hair as her mother likes, dressed in red to be seen and adored.  Eyes cast down, bowing to father, smile not too wide, not too small, talk not too loud, not too low, walk quietly,…

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