Through a fraction of a fractal

Poetry for the meaningless, madness and simply being human.

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At the edge of sound

Silence is absolute— for every word spoken, every prayer fervently whispered, and every curse flung out to the Wide is met with the enormity of Silence. It says nothing, yet all sounds arise from it, and all sounds die in…

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Warm lies.

The world blurs into shimmering blobs of light, they bubble around me, and one by one they go— pop pop— bursting into the cold, dark night the warmth recedes My toes and fingers are cold I am cold so cold

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Blue Nectar

It’s being shredded apart, torn through the guts, and fed to the hungry, hungry souls. No— they need not concern themselves of what they strip, uproot, and pollute for these skies, these fields will be long after the passing of these hurried…

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