A dream of Elsewhere

Every moment, every breath
a different time
a different


Words, poems and stories to meld together
in a moment of shared space, across a page.

Where we meet
existence stands still.


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Poetry water cascading and gushing down

Part your lips.

The floodgates are open run your cords raw shatter the decaying constructs of rotting scaffoldings preserved barely on pickled tongues. Part your lips let Spring come through speak your truth live your truth let the warm blood coursing through you…

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Poetry A stone goddess rising from the outcropping of a a rock jutting out from the Earth in a backdrop of greying skies


Heat waves rising from her skin her body uncoiling like a snake lengthening felinely through the spine shoulder wings spread wide as an eagle chest bare with udders full. The womb of herself embraced reclaiming all that was taken given…

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Poetry Desert sand dunes far to the horizon

All I need.

A million stars but I will have only a wick of fire Oceans wide and deep but I will have only a drop Sand dunes as far as the horizon but I will have only a handful Wind blowing through…

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Poetry bubbles under a body of blue water with sunlight streaming through


We nosedived into it, the land of all possibilities. We fell in love to plunge in over and over and over into the flow of all fantasies, dreams and realities~ To lick the swirly clouds from the blue sky Swim…

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Poem sky colored in reds, yellows, blues reflected the same in an expanse of water

Free fall

Since you have introduced yourself Spring never kissed so sweet Winter’s cold embrace so welcoming Summer intoxicating and Autumn a Dream Since you have introduced yourself I have been free falling into myself  in bright streams of colors, somersaulting in…

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