Through a fraction of a fractal

Poetry for the meaningless, madness and simply being human.

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Summer tang.

The grass in the summer heat, frenzied and wild as I in the embrace of the sun in its zenith– pressed unto the backs of my shoulders, head …and neck. Cheeks aflame, dizzy in its proximity like a lover too close, hair…

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Dreaming me

Am I dreaming you? Or are you dreaming me? If you are dreaming me, Can I send up a request? Tug on the knots in my belly, my heart so the strings swim into the currents that separate us like…

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Brontë in the storm

Darkness billows round me cool breeze of the turbulent sky rattles me But, a spell from a distant memory bounds me And so, my feet–entrenched, will not go The tall, bent trees bear down, their leaves shaking— threaten to break…

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Shape of you.

A silver comb with a missing tooth A blue chipped saucer it’s teacup, swept away A single white glove fitted for a right hand A rain sodden diary, pressed memories– faint. Things texturized from the grainy scene by    moments         of             fragility.…

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