A dream of Elsewhere

Every moment, every breath
a different time
a different


Words, poems and stories to meld together
in a moment of shared space, across a page.

Where we meet
existence stands still.


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Poetry mist through barren spindly trees in the night

When the mist thickens.

When the mist thickens, gestures shiver in the encroaching chill disjointed voices hiss behind closed shutters promises scratched on yellowed pages drip in fresh ink chest drawers slide hollow and empty, there it gathers unformed, unseen the haunting, of the…

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Poem A campfire by the lake in the night surrounded by trees

Ruins, ruins.

The glimmer on the night lake doused in flames A crescent moon’s smile torn asunder flush rose petals crushed underfoot feathered caresses frostbite tips A birdsong snapped with a twist ruins, ruins by a bat of an eye brave of…

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Poetry a pocket watch half submerged in sands

Hat of Sanity

Tip your head back laugh harder let your joints pop clack-a-lacking to the mad frenzy Oh no! Time waits for no man get going manic is the new normal everyone’s wearing the Mad Hatter’s hat of sanity Ha! Ha! Oh…

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A cabin lit by a single window in a cold night, trees covered in snow

Cool warmth.

Mirrors curtained in wet drapes peering through crystals, lights stretched to the night skies, apples reddened in the frigid air. One more fat snowflake on a whimsy descent cool kiss its deathbed . . .

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