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Poetry for the meaningless, madness and simply being human.

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Recognition shining

You would think it is the Day of Reckoning Heaven split, marbled gold towers tumbling Hell clodded in earth, banked into soft ash and the people of the world clasping hands, recognition shining in their eyes one joyous smile to…

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Naked Touch

It is not a dirty world it is, innocence confused led blind by blind. Slip off the clothes, let it pool around you, the blindfolds undone and look into the abyss blinking back Feel your naked gooseflesh Watch the jerky…

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Innocence in want

How the wind plays into trees bending, breaking and uprooting how it walks crunching roofs of sweet homes chasing butterflies and flops on its butt flattening fields of wild flowers How its innocence of wonder lay waste unawares in want.

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The Love (II)

The golden skin upon my shoulders the wings set along my blades the fire sparked within my belly, the lute wrought into my throat all placed by the weaves of her deep tresses her upon whom I wish her upon…

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The Lover (I)

There is a man with a lute beside me, his eyes glazed in clouds his body, lined in sunsets, perfumed in soil, cloaked in rumpled black ever present, ever-awake— Ceaselessly he strums Even in my sleep I hear him play, softly,…

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