A dream of Elsewhere

Every moment, every breath
a different time
a different


Words, poems and stories to meld together
in a moment of shared space, across a page.

Where we meet
existence stands still.


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Poetry lightening bolt against purple black skies

Let it howl

Purple black bruised skies I see you throbbing ‘For who?‘ ‘From what?‘ Bring up the storm Whip up the wind Let it howl Let it rain Let me catch the broken pieces I hold no shade no umbrella over me…

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Poetry tribal drum against a sunset


Carry these tunes from my lips Lead the way Oh winds of the wings along my heart carry this melody echoing across lands Lead the way I have let reason take flight My head disintegrated my body now roams headless…

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Poetry a glass jar tied with a ribbon on earthy ground

Prayer Jar

A piece of pulped wood charcoal smudged with fervent fingers a primal prayer imprinted and burnt in a flash of flames ashes ashes they float like dust moats momentarily suspended till a gust of wind send them scattering far and…

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Poetry Bird soaring in the sky against the sun


Let it tune you Let it come through tweak your rhythm a little wire it always a little higher with a little stumble a challenge heartbreak loss a catastrophe that shatters your spirit Let it through Let it through Don’t…

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