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Poetry for the meaningless, madness and simply being human.

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The one I let go of

Look at me, I have little to give you for I, have given so little to myself, but the one gold nugget I entrust to you, brother Etched on it are words, words that will save you, when all has…

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Grape lips speak.

Morning sunshine slant through the window panes birds twitter about a gossip from last night’s grapevine. Who say, fell prey to such a bite?! A lone little worm fallen from grace, shunned for daring to defy moss-covered rocks in the…

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The cage that you Keep.

When the maws of the trap spring up around you limbs pull in closer, tighter around your chest, guarding, suffocating mute hopelessness in a ball stricken into shaky breaths vacillating between, a quick death or black rage, knuckles bloodied on…

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Rage for her brother.

They, are not your possession to mold They, are from you but not, of you Their shoulders don’t carry your sins Their feet don’t carry your legacy Their eyes chart their own paths between the night stars Their hearts soar…

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