This, here
a pocket of space and time
for just you and me
reader and writer
writer and reader

Hey Reader!

Welcome to the blog and thank you for coming by!

I’m Rafia Bilkis and you are absolutely welcome to introduce yourself anywhere here and share some of your writings or reads that are similar to a theme here. I would love to read something like that from a different perspective.

I write poems and stories that come to me as thoughts or feelings. I love reading and the jitteriness from turning the cover of a new book!
My inspirations are Rumi, Hafez of Shiraz, Kahlil Gibran, Rainer Maria Rilke, John O’Donohue, C. Pinkola Estes, Alan Watts and well, anyone I meet or the writings of all those who write their hearts out here with the rest of us.

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