The Baton.

Someone else will pick up the Music that never ends The baton passed on hand to hand from the relics of the past to now to the whispers of the future A building, a deepening of all that is None know the beginnings nor know the sound of the final note It goes on AContinue reading “The Baton.”

All I need.

A million stars but I will have only a wick of fire Oceans wide and deep but I will have only a drop Sand dunes as far as the horizon but I will have only a handful Wind blowing through every crevice but I will have only a Breath.. That is all I need toContinue reading “All I need.”

Bed of thorns.

There is a bed of thorns I leave around me. With every misstep, misdeed or misword, every missed gesture or missed word, the bed of thorns like sharp talons grow ever sharper Thicker gnarled brambles knotted, twisted around me staked into my skin crucified in perpetual guilt wishing to disappear.. How the knots would fallContinue reading “Bed of thorns.”