Poetry Dark forest, shadowed and misted

The murmurs slithering into your thoughts
Black ink bleeding into your mind.
Lurking horrors and traps
of the unknown, unknowable and uncertainty.

Crippling under this colossal darkness
fed on to your terror stricken soul in endless loops.
Nights of paralysis and goose flesh
a scream bubbling in your chest.
It’s a friend and a foe.

For Fear shows your borders stark clear.
A border of annihilation
if that’s how you see it.
But if you can take him by the hand
kiss his inky curls across your body,
listen to his hair-raising teachings
of your hidden self
and take the step across
hand in hand
fingers entwined.

You would watch your horizons recede
far beyond..
your wildest imagination.
The Dawn of your Becoming.

For any form of Death
will only
take you Higher


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