Poetry, chain links against the bright sun with its fire glow burning through a link

Eyes unseeing,
ears unhearing,
looping through the same sceneries, the same horrors,
the same miseries.

Broken hearts
to hardened stones.
Heavy shields, dented
drawn up on weary arms.
Spines bent on burdens
collected unawares.
Gnashing teeth
against gilded cages.

Oh, the Rage that never splutter out
Thirst that never quenches
Pain that never staunches
Hunger that never satiates
Famine that never green.

Can we hear each other?
The screams of the haunted,
shackled in chains
of our own making..

Clinking away on barren lands
unheedingly, relentlessly
beating away new links
welding them into place.
A suffocation that every soul shares
no matter who clinches a link where
or even when..
It lacerates through all.

For if you looked,
looked through the space between our souls
you would find
a single scroll
unrolling endlessly.
A continuous flow of gold-lacquered inscriptions
stringing us
and all that is
like a claspless beaded necklace.
And if you dare read,
you will find us


A Recognition so ancient
will make wisps of the chains
coiled around us..


Published by Rafia Bilkis

Someone just like you— living the living. My heart a portal of Words.

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