Poem A porcelain doll dressed in a white frock wearing a lacy bonnet sitting on a pile of dried leaves against a green bush

A marionette daughter,
perfectly coiffed hair as her mother likes,
dressed in red to be seen and adored.

 Eyes cast down,
bowing to father,
smile not too wide, not too small,
talk not too loud, not too low,
walk quietly, no running or mucking about.

Obedient and muted,
a doll for the dress up,
for the feeding and repeating
lovingly what father says.
Otherwise put away
in the cupboard
fully adorned
only to be showcased for a selling..

Once a bid has been made
she is drowning in attention,
love and affection.

A crack on her porcelain skin
as she realized,
she has only ever been cared for
to be given away..


Published by Rafia Bilkis

Someone just like you— living the living. My heart a portal of Words.

7 thoughts on “Crack

          1. Oh! that’s nice, I am relatively new here too, like 2 months in…and I look for other blogs who are new too to follow…kind of like push each other or pull each other up kind of way like a slow rising wave 😛 maybe I dream too much XD but hey, nice to meet you!


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