Flowing Cups

Poetry Waterfall flowing through a a forested land shaped like giant stairs

I drink deep
from your endless flowing cups,
blood rivers
from your hearts deep with no end,
from your milking breasts
streaming freely,
 and still I drink deeply
and will
 till I spill over

Streaming from my breasts
between my legs
my veins, my cup
flowing through the cracks and ravines

Still I shall drink from yours
and one day,
be drunk upon
just as ravishingly
as I swell and surge from your overflow
into the cups held out..

My Body
a tribute
for you who come before me
after me
..and so on..


2 responses to “Flowing Cups”

  1. Very good, Rafia (I love the way you work with dual meanings) – are the falls perhaps Iguazu Falls?

    Iguazu Falls – South America (Argentina & Brazil)

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    1. Thank you! ❤ I am not sure, it's a picture I liked on pixabay and felt it resonated with these words, but wow those pictures on your blog are stunning and really personal…

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