The maiden weeps.

The maiden weeps.

There’s a maiden weeping tonight
alone in the dark
none see the tears
rolling down her cold cheeks
but the Moon,
pretending to hide behind the clouds
shining upon her tears
‘My child dear,
Why do you cry?’
She shakes a sob
of fear
of hurt and hate
of loneliness, worthlessness
of sorrow in living.

The Moon dances into view
and plays shadows on her window sill
a story of how
she is the Queen
of a hidden world.

Where all that is tremble in joy
 for her very smile
for her voice.
How dearly she is loved
just as she does unbeknownst to her.

The maiden weeps
blinded by her tears
to the thick flow of love
shining down upon her crown.

A Queen
lost to her birthright.


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