Flesh of Nature.

Poetry clouds lit in gold, copper and deep browns surrounding the sun

How long must we stay meek
under our withering gaze?
How long must we grind
under our iron fist?
How long must we burn at the stake
for the cries of our soul?
How long must we bleed
till we are satiated in the blood of those unborn?

Why have we come to the point of watching
children rain down from the skies?
Why does a savior call forth his valiant shield
only to smash it down
crunching the fingers clutching
an ember of hope?
Why have we torn apart these lands
looting and pillaging
in fear of lacking?

Oh, the world of laws and lines
of order and ownership
of indisputable authority
of separation and prejudice.

Who decreed these words set in stone?
Who put us on the pedestal
to dole out justice or judgement?
When it’s our vulnerable selves on trial.

Why must we need a book
to teach us to be human?
Why must goodness be in the form
of deeds and not from our inherent nature?
Are we so distrustful of our nature
that we must create our chains
never to be unlocked?

Oh, kinskins!
flesh of Nature
embrace as it has
the underworld of vermin and flesh eating worms
and burst forth Roses!
Marigolds! and Daisies!
Hoist your colors
from the dirt!

Oh, Mud Child of Earth!
There is a terrible price
 for our silence and meekness
for molding too long into the world of Order.
So wake up, wake up
sing true for the Earth that lost her voice,
beat your chest along with her upheaval,
Her cries and quakes!

Come forth, fellow Earth dwellers!
In this point of space and time
we are here together
only for a breath
in the grand scheme of time,
gazing at the same skies
the same stars
the same stories to be histories.

So sing a choir
with our rhythmic breathing
at one
here and now
be free in trust
and tread gently in wonderment.

The Golden Age
is always


7 responses to “Flesh of Nature.”

  1. This is a great prophetic utterance! I love what you have done. This is a great line…
    we are here together
    only for a breath
    in the grand scheme of time,


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  2. I really loved this piece Rafia, loved the questions you asked throughout. “Why must we need a book, to teach us to be human?” I really loved this line, this is so true. You’ve put your heart into this piece and it reflects through the words. Exceptional, loved it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You picked the question that started this whole piece ❤ they are questions we all ask but maybe don't have the time to process through, like your poem 'The Faceless Man' in a very individual level.

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      1. That’s really sweet of you Rafia, I’m lost for words. So humbled and grateful! This piece has all my heart and love ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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