Dance a ring!

Poetry a field of tall wheat stalks against a sunset

These fields were meant to be walked
the tall stalks to be brushed against
the sighs of unfurling flowers caressed
the roaring winds deafening,
the peals of the stars tinkling into twilight gazed upon,
the drumbeats of rolling clouds to beat with,
the dance of the deep trees in creaky waves
erupting from the Heart
to be heard
by a listening ear.

All these beautiful notes gracing the air
Why not grace them with my full presence?
To clap in delight to their wondrous dance!
Better yet
hold their branches and dance a ring!


3 responses to “Dance a ring!”

  1. Honestly, your words made me feel like I’m literally there. Your every poem feels so exceptional. Loved the last line ā¤ļø

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    1. Hey! been a while and thank you šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, actually I was on a break. Really happy to be back and greeted with some of your amazing stuff šŸ™‚

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