Lets you dream.

Poetry sunset horizon with the sky painted blue, orange and yellow.

There is something about
a blank canvas,
a blank paper, lump of mud
far horizons

that draws you
lets you dream.

To sink into
an ink blot, a letter,
a dimple on a clod of clay,
a swirl of color,
a music note across the waters
or a rising sculpture to the sky.
To spin stories that chart the stars and celestials
or twirl to the rhythm of the reeds.

To roam wide
and let flow
the well
deep within

10 responses to “Lets you dream.”

    1. Thanks Sunshine 🌞💛!!

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  1. That second stanza was so beautiful! Really well written, Rafia ❤️

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      1. Always a pleasure 🙂


  2. Yes the freedom to express oneself is a beautiful thing.

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    1. It truly is ❤ Thank you for the read!


  3. Thanks for the idea of using the word flow in my next blog.

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