Free fall

Poem sky colored in reds, yellows, blues reflected the same in an expanse of water

Since you have introduced yourself
Spring never kissed so sweet
Winter’s cold embrace so welcoming
Summer intoxicating and Autumn a Dream

Since you have introduced yourself
I have been free falling into myself
 in bright streams of colors,
somersaulting in shimmering hues,
lifting off the ground
to destiny of freedom.

An escape from gravity
a little stumble away.

So love, free fall into exhilaration, free fall
 even if you are afraid
there is no stopping it,
 It’s an inescapable cry
a drum call
rupturing from your core.


7 responses to “Free fall”

  1. Oh this! Made me bashful and giddy for love all over again (hypothetically anyway)

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    1. haha, that’s interesting perspective, a sense of new love, I like that XD


  2. This is so dreamy and magical, Rafia! Every line here seems so magical, like drifting into another reality that’s so colorful and heartfelt. It had it’s grip on me till the very end. This was really beautiful, loved it ❤

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    1. Your comments are really thoughtful Akshay…I hope the colors of your heart brighten your skies too! ❤

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      1. That’s really sweet of you Rafia. Much love to you ❤


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