Poetry A stone goddess rising from the outcropping of a a rock jutting out from the Earth in a backdrop of greying skies

Heat waves rising from her skin
her body uncoiling like a snake
lengthening felinely through the spine
shoulder wings spread wide as an eagle
chest bare with udders full.
The womb of herself embraced
reclaiming all that was taken
given away unawares in her sleep
enticed by promises whispered.

The body that is shunned, shamed into wrappings
The voice that is silenced into a croak,
diminished to a presence no further than a silhouette.

her contours deemed sinful
her moon blood an unspeakable filth
her sexuality denied frozen
her sensitivities demented
her stories rewritten

her brazenness domesticated
her sisterhood broken
her vulnerability exploited
her beauty sold
her love trinkets
her dreams tossed
her candle of hope pinched to wisps
and her Divinity erased

Body, mind and soul
owned by all but herself,
her conformity regaled
at the price of herself
buried so deep
in a well of Darkness

Now watch her,
watch her in terror and awe.
Darkness is now her domain
bury her alive in her home
whence she dwelled millennials
Queen of the Underworld
and she shall flood the world
of her


Published by Rafia Bilkis

Someone just like you— living the living. My heart a portal of Words.

12 thoughts on “Wo(mb)Man.

  1. I’m literally in awe of this piece. I liked the title a lot and the effort you’ve put into this is really commendable. I loved the ending as well, dark and powerful. Exceptional writing, Rafia!

    Liked by 2 people

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