Part your lips.

Poetry water cascading and gushing down

The floodgates are open
run your cords raw
shatter the decaying constructs
of rotting scaffoldings
preserved barely on pickled tongues.

Part your lips
let Spring come through
speak your truth
live your truth
let the warm blood
coursing through you
resonate with your
wildest ridiculous dream
love impossibly
laugh infectiously
It is truly a privilege
to be throbbing with life!


6 responses to “Part your lips.”

  1. This is beautiful, Rafia! I really loved how you started the second stanza and the way you’ve packed such wise words with so much power is amazing. It is indeed a privilege to be throbbing with life ❤

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    1. It is indeed, I still learn to live by such words…thank you Akshay

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      1. You’re most welcome!

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  2. With COVID still haunting us, it’s a good time to appreciate how fortunate we are to be alive. Thanks for the reminder.

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    1. many things haunt us all… hope you are doing well and Thank you ❤ for sharing your thoughts


  3. Haunt may be too strong a word though for the way I feel about COVID now.

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