Hallowed Castle

Poetry a castle on a mountain top of trees, the sky blackened with storm clouds with a diffusing sun

I will tell you of a story
one with a beautiful castle
thick curtains, velvety cushions
gilded buttress along its fissured walls
gardens riot with flowers,
mango and pear trees
sickly sweet
The hallways silent,
footsteps muffled,
occasional shrieks

Women white as chalk
faded like ancient oil paintings
ghost figures frozen in silent scream
that come to life fuming with acid
dripping down their forked tongue
talons tearing through flesh

Children wilted
stained in crushed berries
eyes hollowed out black
little fists bleeding
cheeks long gouged in tear tracks
hysterical laughter echo
in their wake of a game,
roses in ashes

Men of light
chained by the wrists and ankles
that clinch tight along the walls
wrapped subtly around all
that is under their possession

as they contort under its weight
trudge vainly valiant
through the poisons scenting the air
from all the ghouls living

in the beautiful castle..

..with a needle streak of a sun ray
on a single white rose.

Published by Rafia Bilkis

Someone just like you— living the living. My heart a portal of Words.

6 thoughts on “Hallowed Castle

  1. Wow, you’ve painted such a wonderful picture that speaks a lot. Every single line made the images run through my head, you have that wonderful skill of making the reader see what you desire. This was exceptional, really well crafted ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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