Steps on the pathless

Poem footsteps on the sands by the beach, black and white image

These feet move
of their own accord
tracing out its path

Where do you go?
“I know not” I say, confused
“There is nothing
before me”

Why do you go?
seeing no further
than the tips of
my toes, I whisper
“I do not, I’ve
simply been carried”

Carried where?
“Ever into the unknown.”
so sure-footed,
these feet have
carried me far,
shown me
till my eyes brim

. . .

8 responses to “Steps on the pathless”

  1. You know Rafia, this poem, which is also a beautiful metaphor for
    Life, is also a perfect description for the state we are in, when we write poetry. This is a such a beautiful metaphor, for not knowing how or why…just going there…trusting, and writing what comes..what “moves our feet” down the beach, being led by an invisible muse, that we know and trust intrinsically. I love this and also..your blog lay out is glorious…I am still in the dark ages of “classic” Yours just calls out to be read and seen. Beautiful!

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    1. I haven’t thought of it that way in the sense of writing poetry, I see what you mean and I like that, kind of scary don’t you think, you don’t know what you don’t know yet still something goes… Thank you for leaving this thoughtful input. ❤

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  2. This brings forth an image of walking along the sea, ocean washing away all evidence of your steps behind you. That you forget where you started or why you ever did, but the only way to go is forward. You will reach solid ground again and your doubt will fade as though it never happened.

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    1. forget…or do we ever know at all? Thanks, Nal.


  3. Beautifully written

    There is nothing before me’ …..

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