Love on a carrot stick.

She had eyes like the night skies
The milky way around her center
Oh! She sang-sang with the swing of her feet
The stars falling with her wishes.
Her taps soon beat with her father’s
Lost she was to his.

His name her last
The spell cast her mother held strong 
jingling bells to a story so, weaved

On and on she dances 
the world tallies to the same tunes
applauding to a rhythm
that was not hers, too soon

sore, strain and sprain her feet in frightful despair says,
When did this come to be?!
Horror looked to her mangled toes
to the lies told, to the lies sold
paid by her young feet, now dough.

She looked back at what she thought
was her name, and see
only her own 
as was
as was…


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