Sea cry

The mist lifts lightly to the sky 
I, could not reach.
The bedrocks that rose from my back
pull around me and pierce the mindless blue.
I envy them for their taste of molten gold,
that for me, only a mirage 
swallowed up 
in ceaseless movement.
In sun-drenched bodies do I taste a morsel.
They plunge into my hungry depths
and I, sip on a drop of fire
while they splash 
in the bosoms of longing.

6 responses to “Sea cry”

    1. Thank you, it was written for a contest…but…


      1. You are most deservedly welcome. Best wishes

        Liked by 1 person

  1. You have created such a seascape mood of longing…almost pining with your descriptive choice of words, Rafia. It’s lovely!


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