Clear the smiling faces

I am losing hope.
Through every color passed
only a smiling face shines
like a production line—copy, paste
a smile.
There is no place in the world
where you don’t cast a shadow.

So gather your skirts and hounds
clear those smiling faces
and show,
the shy unfurling wisps of hues 

Come, release them between us— 
a cracked whisper exhaled
gaps of a fisted silence, 
a slow teardrop 
rolling down our pressed lips,
hesitant hands clasped
around our knees…

I am losing hope here
and your smiling face looks painful.
I cannot reach you,
my fingers burn up at the tips
to a light that shines too hard
…only sharpens the shadow…

There is no point, love
come, let me hold your hand
in the shade of our sorrow
and let the night spring into 
violets ..violets and violets.

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