Between man and woman

Give she the mantle of the heart before
she can wonder
Give she all the fire and rain before
she can build her ship
Give she the bare skin and blood of birth before 
she can uncover her jewel

Give he the weighty hammer and the anvil before
his feet can take flight
Give he the book and the word before
he can know of question
Give he the sword and whip before 
he has known his heart

And when he sees she, he shakes in fear
for he has known not his own depths
And when she sees he, she poisons in envy
for she has known not her own might 

The man expounds the book and word in fear,
whips the tempest and plunges its soft belly
and holds the glory of his hammer in the sky.
And the woman thunders into the earth’s crust,
rendering fissures, spewing lava and rears
the tidal waves to a sea wall that crashes all
to oblivion.

So, the world ends, for he too could lift 
a portion of the heart that resides in him
and she too could wield a portion 
of the hammer that awaits her

and know themselves whole, a mirror.

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